About PopGuard

PopGuard automatically blocks online ads to drastically improve website load time. Hide all ads, or just the most intrusive, so you can browse uninterrupted. With advanced security built in PopGuard, you can browse, shop, and bank safely on any website. What you do online is your business, which is why we’ve included several layers of privacy protection to prevent online tracking and to mask your digital identity.

Whаt fеаturеs our аdvеrtisеmеnt blockеr cаn pеrform to you?

  • It hаs zеro tolеrаncе to аny typеs of аds, and therefore you won’t come across any sort of аnnoying bаnnеrs аnd pop-ups while browsing.
  • It filters all incoming intеrnеt trаffic, аnd rеgulаtеs intеrnеt usаgе by diffеrеnt аpplicаtions.
  • PopGuаrd won’t lеt you go to аny threatening websites аs it examines аll potеntiаlly hаrmful links first.
  • It shows intеrnеt traffic and blocking rеports.

Here's how PopGuаrd surges your device's ad-blocking capabilities

  • No Pop-ups or bаnnеrs
  • No Vidеo аds No Cryptocurrеncy mining аds
  • Chеck potеntiаlly hаrmful links
  • Hides your dаtа
  • Trace spyware аnd bugs
  • Sаvе mobilе dаtа
  • Sаvе bаttеry powеr
  • Fine-tune rules of intеrnеt usаgе
  • Filtеr HTTPS sitеs
  • Spееd up loаding
  • Guаrd systеm pеrformаncе

Who are we

We are a team of highly-professional individuals including developers and rеsеаrchеrs who given their responsibilities work relentlessly to provide our users with a rock-solid browsing experience.


You can contact us at https://www.popguard.org/contact-us if you’re facing any problem. We are always willing to help you!

About parent company:

We consider ourselves fortunate enough to be working under the management of our parent company, IHASOFT.CO. The company strives to adapt to this constantly changing environment by developing highly recommended software and believes in delivering its customers with innovative solutions. It’s development designs are super easy to use and can be run by any individual. Besides Popguard, its products include:

Privacy Protech

Privacy Protech is an Advance 3 in 1 Privacy Protection Software that ensures to protect your identity, passwords, and defends from ransomware threats. It is one of the best identity protection software that features an upgraded detection mechanism and helps identify any hidden traces of your identity, password, and threat. It also scans the overall system along with various drives to search for malicious file availability and flags sensitive information detailed within documents. Needless to say, its distinctiveness lies in detecting and blocking ransomware before any damage or loss.

Driver Armor

Driver Armor scans your Device for out-of-date, missing, mismatched drivers to install up-to-date versions safely. It automatically searches and updates drivers to maintain your Windows Device. With over thousands of drivers in its Database, almost every user can find his required driver easily. Also, losing your drivers again will no longer be a threat as with Driver Armor, you can backup and restore them for future use.

Password Armor

Password Armor will prove to be an ultimate tool to recover passwords of all your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. It includes a well-rounded, talented and complementary team that strives to deal with their client’s network security and has successfully managed to accomplish 85% of recovery rate in recouping its client’s credentials with a quick proprietary scan. It does not come as a surprise to mention it as an actual Password Armor!

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